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Gift Cards Options Currently Offered

**Gift cards are currently unavailable, please contact Shawn-Marie directly if you would like to purchase one**

Massage Therapy Gift Cards Based On Treatment Lengths

Do you know that someone would prefer a 60 minute treatment? Rather than buying a gift card for $100 and them having a $8 credit left over, you can also simply buy a gift card for $92 which is the cost of a 60 minute treatment. This option is available for any treatment length or option. 

Dollar Amount Increment Option

Gift card option in increments of $25, max of $200. For those who simply wish to purchase a specific amount. Perfect for a gift for a loved one when you do not know how long of an appointment they would like. The balance of which can be used in full in one treatment or any remaining balance will be available as an account credit for the recipient to go towards future appointments.

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Terms & Conditions


Gift cards may not be used towards insurance amounts and when redeemed will not be given a receipt. Gift cards when purchased may be used towards taxes when so allowed  and as such will be given a full receipt to the buyer at time of purchase. Gift card values can be used partially as the system can  track partial balances, this option is ideal for use by the dollar increment option.

When making an appointment please inform the clinic that you will be redeeming a gift card and  bring it to the appointment with you. 

Gift cards can be purchased in person at the clinic or online via email.

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