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Meet Our Team:

Beith RMT&HC Owner:

Shawn Marie McCall, BBA, RMT


The Beith Massage Therapy and Health Centre is owned and operated by Guelph local, Shawn Marie McCall, RMT.

Shawn attended Humber College's 3 year Massage Therapy Advanced degree and returned to Guelph to start her own business. Humber College's program is one of only two massage therapy program's in the country which has received accreditation from the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation.

Shawn is dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care within her ability. And is dedicated to patient centered care, and with that she knows her limits and has a list of medical professionals available for referrals if that is what her patient needs. 

She has experience working with a wide range of populations including (but not limited to); infancy, athletes (professional and casual), early childhood, pregnancy, post pregnancy, chronic and acute injuries, systemic auto immune conditions, headaches (tension and pain referral), Migraines, TMJ pain and disorders, arthritis, postural changes such as fallen arches, patients in cancer remission and post surgery, a range of mental health conditions (as defined by DSM V) including Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, common pains from work such as office, commuting and line work.

Shawn is a medium to deep tissue therapist, but allows her pressure to vary depending on the issues being treated, what the tissue feels it needs, and the patient's comfort levels.

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