Current Updates and Events at Beith RMT

Updates about the new lockdown and how it impacts the clinic:

In addition to the previous measures we will be adding the following;

1) Increased time between appointments, to limit the number of people in the building at one time and prevent direct patient to patient interaction

2) Increased mask requirements for patients. With these changes we are asking our patients to no longer use single layer (non-filtered) cloth masks during your appointment, unless it is being used as a double mask over a surgical/medical mask. If you arrive to your appointment with a single layer cloth mask a surgical/medical mask will be provided to you at no charge.

3) Increased mask requirements for the therapist. We are moving from using level 2 ATSM graded medical/surgical masks to level 3 or KN95 masks (when availability allows). This is in addition to the return of eye protection for the therapist. 

These changes are additions or improvements from the already existing measures in place at the clinic. These measures include, but are not limited to;

1) Pre-appointment Covid screening forms (Currently version 6), completed prior to attending your appointment

2) Use of cleaning products with MoH approved DIN, administered on a rigorous cleaning schedule, including all stationary touch surfaces such as the chair and coat rack after each treatment (regardless if the patient is seen to use them or not), and common touch surfaces such as the door knobs, table and payment terminal

3) Removal of as many as possible multi touch surfaces, such as paper receipts, and hand sanitizer provided for the ones remaining

4) Therapist self screening, including temperature, every morning prior to work. If the therapist fails, appointments will be canceledquarantine, and PCR testing will follow

5) Removal of non-cleanable surfaces from the treatment space

6) Waving cancellation fees for patients who screen positive/fail the pre-appointment Covid form

7) Virtual self-check in, which allows patients the option to wait in their car/outside rather than the waiting room, with the therapist meeting patients five minutes prior (or earlier if available) to their scheduled appointment by the front door and walking them directly to the treatment room

Please contact us for more details or if you have questions about the above listed measures