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Our Mission Statement:

At Beith Massage Therapy our professional goal is to provide an independent well rounded medical care facility. This includes psychological, dietary, registered massage therapists and kinesiologist to meet the individual and complex needs of your healthcare. 

It has been found over the past years that treatment of pain can not be siloed into a one size fits all model, and often can not be isolated into only one clinical field of treatment. Instead patient knowledge and their ability to chose is the most powerful treatment option. Translating this into a clinical setting for the patient means that the clinic must reflect a variety of clinicians all tackling pain and condition's complications effectively and collaboratively for the betterment of the patient.

To facilitate this we have offer a variety of clinicians an opportunity to both remain independent and self autonomous while still working together to meet your, the patient's needs.

Shawn Marie McCall, BBA RMT

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